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The Sweet Jinger “Mykonos” Spice Kit

The Sweet Jinger “Mykonos” Spice Kit


Enhance the taste of your meals with the Sweet Jinger "Mykonos" Spice Kit, which is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. The kit comprises the Mykonos artisanal spice blend, Smoked Paprika, Cinnamon, Onion Flakes, Black Pepper, and Himalayan Pink Salt. Moreover, it comes with a convenient Grocery List Note Pad to assist you in organizing your shopping list for your upcoming culinary experiments.

+ 1 x 8oz Mykonos
+ 1 x 8oz Smoked Paprika

+ 1 x 8oz Cinnamon
+ 1 x 8oz Onion Flakes

+ 1 x 4oz Black Pepper
+ 1 x 4oz Himalayan Pink Salt

+ 1 x Grocery List Note Pad

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