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Mise en place

Updated: Jun 24

Mise en Place to Make Meal Preparation Easier!

Weekly meal plans

Remove the stress from meal planning, let your pallets, our products and cooking techniques guide you. Sweet Jinger encourages creativity through flavour, browse our monthly produce guide and/or weekly meal plan ideas packed with easy-to-make recipes, seasoning and variety.

Learn the art of Mise en Place, healthy eating can seem overwhelming in our fast pace society so we’ve developed tools to support all! Practice preparation through meal planning, use our growing recipe bank, in-season produce suggestions, and tips on how to plan meals ahead of time while making tastier, healthier, budget-friendly choices.

We can't forget FLAVOUR, It is time to grow your pantry and stock up on spices. Check out these must-haves below:

Caribbean Brûlée Good Gyal Ginger Fisherman Spice Roasted Delicata Allspice Basil Bay Leaf Black Pepper Cayenne pepper Chilli Flakes & Chilli powder Coriander Cumin

Curry Dill Garlic powder Ginger powder Gourmet Salts Onion powder Oregano Paprika Peppercorns Rosemary Tarragon Thyme

chef note:

All spices can be purchased via Sweet Jinger! If there is something you are looking for, please let us know.

Monthly Produce guide

What’s in Season? Your monthly guide to Canadian Fruits and Vegetables, specifically Ontario. Many produce options are available regardless of the season however this Is a great way to inspire the palette and use in-season items to curate in the kitchen. #GetFlavoured

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