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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Why Jinger you ask?'s a SUPERfood!

With good reason, Ginger is our founder's favourite. This plant is utilized in many different cultures within various dishes and beverages, it is often used as a tasty spice for cooking and shows up as a medicinal remedy in so many households. Ginger is a root packed with flavour it can be eaten or used fresh, cooked, dried and powdered, it's an acquired taste for some but the immunity-boosting agents make it all worth it.

Ginger is a pantry staple loaded with nutrients, it has tons of benefits. and has been used for consumption and healing for thousands of years! Here are some easy ways to incorporate Ginger into your lifestyle.

Ginger, makes an amazing cocktail

It is light, and spicy and pairs well with almost all spirits without overpowering. Ginger is a versatile spice that is used in a variety of cocktails. Try some of these at home:

  • Ginger martini

  • Whiskey sour

  • Ginger prosecco

  • Shandy

Ginger for improving digestion and nausea relief

Not just for hangovers! Ginger is a natural medicine that aids in the relief of nausea caused by numerous items including motion sickness, morning sickness, acid reflux, pregnancy, post-surgery nausea and vomiting. Most tummy issues are quickly calmed with fierce Ginger, here are some creative ways to include ginger in your diet and promote gut health.

  1. Ginger Tea

  2. Incorporate Ginger into meals

Ginger Rejuvenates Skin and Hair

Ginger has become a beauty essential worldwide, it is an anti-inflammatory that many beauty influencers have been implementing in several skin and hair regimens. Ginger smells amazing, can be used to detox, and promotes blood circulation. We highly recommend using Ginger massage oil to promote healthy skin and hair growth

"Dermatologists say this superfood is the ultimate rejuvenator." –

Ginger, a Sweet jinger staple

Ginger is a unique spice that is cherished for its special characteristics and immunity-boosting benefits, it is used in most of the products offered at Sweet Jinger. This gnarly-shaped super spice is warming, I encourage you to dive a little bit deeper into this brand; Sweet Jinger encourages creativity through flavour an online spice boutique designed to support meal planners, distinguished chefs, nutritionists, and home cooks with access to culture through seasoning, herbs and spices.


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